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Semen Health And Semen Motility
Why is Protein MIF So Important?
   Semen Motility Is Critical To Male Fertility - Do You Know Why?

What New Research Gives Support To The Health of Sperm Cells and An Essential Protein Found In The Immune System?

 How Does This Affect Male Fertility And Your Chance of Conceiving?

Male Infertility-Why Is It Happening To Me

Healthy semen is all more than just the quality of semen, it's also about the traits of your semen.  In order to successfully conceive and fertilize a female egg, the sperm cell must be strong and healthy.  It must be a strong swimmer that swims in a forward motion, it must be able to endure a very acidic environment (the female reproductive system). 

But it doesn't stop there, your sperm is in a race against a thousand other sperm cells all of which have to struggle through thick mucus barriers and through fibrous growths that make it impossible to reach the released egg within a certain time frame.

It's no wonder so many couples struggle but you do have some support on your side.  In fact if you keep reading you'll see that with a minor adjustment you can greatly tip the scales in your favor!

The MIF Protein And It's Link To Male Infertility

It's just been discovered that a crucial protein plays a critical role in male fertility.  The protein enzyme helps strengthen the sperm cells for its survival in the harsh reproductive environment.  It's basically survival of the fittest.  But what's so interesting is that there is new found evidence to support this.

The protein known as MIF (macrophage migration inhibitory factor) increases the sperm cells motility, their ability to swim.  This research again gives more support to the fact that it really comes down to the health and quality of the sperm cells who must fight to find the female egg. 

Over 40% of infertility issues come back to the male partner and for those couples out there struggling to conceive the solution is relatively simple...

Semenax-The Solution For You!

The key to producing healthy semen is to make a concentrated effort to keep your body healthy, then your sperm cells will be healthy.   One of the best ways you can ensure that your body is receiving the right nutrients is by taking a herbal supplement that will deliver those specific proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Semenax is the perfect supplement that will help increase your sperms motility and mobility putting the odds back in your corner.

Semenax Is Packed With The Following Nutrients:

Amino Acids (building blocks of protein), Zinc, Vitamins C, E, and B12, L-arginine, L-cartinine, Folate, L-Lysine, and much more! 

Semenax is 100% All-Natural

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