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What Affects Semen Production & Semen Quality?
Why should you be concerned about the quality of your semen?
  Learn How A Man's Fertility Is Measured

Understand The Different Indicators of Semen Quality

Know What Roles The Various Parts Of The Male Reproductive System Play In The Production Of Semen

In diagnosing fertility problems, often the culprit is pin-pointed to the production and quality of semen and the associated material that makes up the ejaculatory load.

Indicators of Semen Quality

The main indicators of semen quality include, sperm motility (swimming ability), concentration of sperm within the semen, the direction and movement of the sperm, shape and  number of abnormalities, and sperm liveliness.  Semen quality is the main tool used to measure a man's fertility and is a good indicator of how successful the male will be when it comes to fertilizing the female's egg. 

Production of Semen

The material that comprises semen is produced in various components of the body.  Only a small percentage of semen is actually produced by the testes themselves.  Other glands help make up the material that becomes part of the seminal fluid.  The breakdown of the production of the seminal fluid looks like this:

  1. Seminal Vesicles - they make anywhere from 45% up to 80% of the semen being produced.
  2. Prostate gland - they contribute 15% up to 35% in the production of semen.
  3. Bulbouretheral and Urethral glands - they produce up to 5% of the semen material.
  4. Testes - contribute the following 5% of semen production.

The fluid produced by the testicles mostly contains high levels of testosterone whereas the material that is secreted by the seminal vesicles is comprised mostly of fructose (sugar) and a substance that helps the semen to clot on ejaculation.  The secretions of the prostate gland help to allow the semen to liquefy after it a very small period of clotting so that the sperm can then swim towards the egg inside the female body.  The bulbouretheral and urethral glands main objective is to produce a secretion that lubricates the male reproductive system.

What Affects Semen Production/Quality?

There are many factors which can adversely affect the production and quality of semen.  Toxins found in the workplace are one such factor.  Stress, disease and medications may also interfere with the production of testosterone and semen.  Alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs, including steroid use are also known to affect semen production.

The best thing that you can do is to eliminate as many harmful factors that have a negative impact on you body and the regulation of it's hormones, which may ultimately interfere with the production and health of your semen.

Secondly you can give your body the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids by taking a herbal supplement such as Semenax or Volumepills+

Both products have been specifically designed to work with the male reproductive system.  These specially formulated products combine a mix of herbs and botanical products that make for one potent formula.  A formula whose only objective is to maximize a guy's production and performance!


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