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It's a common problem & affects many women - learn what you can do!

   What Affects a Woman's Sex Drive?

What Treatment Options Are Available For?

 Finding The Right Sexual Enhancement Cream or Libido Supplement - What You Need To Know

Sexual Health Is Just Important For Women As it Is for Men

A significant number of women struggle with a sluggish sex drive and low energy levels.  For some it is a temporary stage but for many others it is a sign of imbalances within the body.  For older women the number of sexual dysfunction cases increases as menopause begins to kick in.

Female sexual dysfunction does not discriminate and affects millions of women of every age.  For some it's simply that their body is stressed physically and mentally and that they have an imbalance happening in their system.  In most cases fluctuations in hormones are the predominant factor for a decrease in a women's libido or desire for sex.

Just like a man's body, a women's body requires the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep their sexual health and reproductive system functioning at its best.  That's why it is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle where eating a balanced diet is necessary to the well being of your system. By adding a supplement to your diet you are ensuring that your body is getting the right balance of amino acids and minerals that will help naturally boost the female sex drive.

Women Care About Natural, Organic Treatment Options

When women decide it's time to take preventative measures they look for all-natural, organic ways of treating their weak sex drive and low energy levels.  A women's body is sensitive to unnecessary additives and hormones and unless it is required a women will always choose the most natural treatment option any day.

So what treatment options are available for women?

Women can treat their decreased libido and sex drive with an all-natural female libido supplement that has been specifically designed to complement the female sexual health system.  Many of these organic supplements include essential vitamins and minerals that help increase a women's energy level and bring balance to their hormonal system.  Below are just a select few of the most recommended and sought after female libido supplements:

OptimumVirility Provestra - The #1 Female Libido Enhancement Supplement OptimumVirility


Provestra is an all natural female libido supplement.  Provestra effectively increases the female sex drive naturally.  

Provestra  improves the blood flow and circulation to the female genital area and helps to intensify sexual arousal.  Women who use Provestra report experiencing more intense orgasms and longer climaxes. 

Provestra helps to strengthen a women's natural desire for sexual activity. 

*Bonus - Increased health of the female reproductive system and sexual health system including increased fertility.

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Independent Provestra Review

OptimumVirility OptimumVirility
OptimumVirility Avlimil - Bringing Balance and Energy To Women's Lives Everyday OptimumVirility



Avlimil is specifically designed for women struggling with hormone fluctuations who are looking to bring balance into their lives.

Avlimil brings relief from menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats and helps to reduce mood swings & emotional ups-and-downs.  Avlimil works by regulating hormonal imbalances while boosting energy levels naturally.

*Bonus-Women love Avlimil because it does not contain estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, or other steroid hormones.  Avlimil is comprised of all natural ingredients that work with the female body.

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Independent Avlimil Review

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OptimumVirility Her Solution Libido Supplement OptimumVirility



Her Solution is uniquely designed to jump start the female sex drive and is very effective as a female libido supplement.

Fact: Women have a better chance at being able to boost their libido naturally through the addition of organic nutrients, vitamins and minerals; all things that the body needs to function effectively.

**For maximum pleasure satisfy your needs by adding Her Solution Gel to your purchase and enjoy as your body pulsates in waves of sensation!

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Independent Her Solution Review

OptimumVirility OptimumVirility

Female Sexual Enhancement Creams - A Must Have For Many Women

Female sexual enhancement creams of sexual oils are an extremely important part to the rejuvenation of any female sexual health system.  There are a lot of women who report that they find sexual intercourse painful or that they find that their arousal levels are always low.  The reason this happens is that the woman's body is not circulating enough blood to the female genitalia and as a result the body does not produce enough lubrication and therefore the sexual arousal is not what it should be.   It's always a chain reaction.

A sexual enhancement cream helps both partners by increasing the blood flow to those sensual areas.  It also helps to boost the sensitivity and pleasure for each partner thereby increasing the sexual arousal and pleasure which ultimately leads to increased production of lubrication.  A sexual enhancement cream or oil is something that both partners will enjoy and is a simple yet highly effective way to help treat sexual dysfunction.

Here are some of the most effective sexual enhancement creams for women on the market today:

OptimumVirility Vigorelle - The Highest Recommended Product Among Women! OptimumVirility




Vigorelle is a natural herbal cream

a topical version of female viagra! 

Vigorelle allows women to experience increased erotic stimulation as they become more sensitive to each sexual & intimate touch.  If your partner desires a deeper, more sensual experience and is looking to experience more intense orgasms then Vigorelle is the right product. 

Millions of women swear by it's botanical ingredients for complete passion!

Vigorelle, the natural sexual enhancement cream that maximizes clitoral arousal and stimulation while providing a silky lubrication for maximum comfort during sex.

Vigorelle works with the female body and helps to kick start sexual energy, stamina, and endurance for a healthy & active sex life.

*Bonus-helps to moisturize and restore delicate skin with added essentials like vitamins and minerals.
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OptimumVirility OptimumVirility
OptimumVirility Connection Lotion - The Dual Acting, Sexual Enhancing Topical Oil! OptimumVirility
    Connection Lotion is simply seductive! 

The topical oil is meant to pleasure both partners.  With powerful dual acting ingredients both partners are sure to enjoy maximum arousal and heightened sensitivity to every touch. 

Both partners will enjoy greater satisfaction and enjoy the added pleasure of a job well done. 

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OptimumVirility OptimumVirility
OptimumVirility Her Solution Gel OptimumVirility



Her Solution Gel™ is an all natural, botanical product that includes quality vitamins and minerals such as soothing aloe, shea butter and cocoa butter. 

Her Solution Gel will help prevent vaginal dryness and increase blood flow making the sexual experience more pleasurable for both partners.   If you are searching for more of a natural experience then reach your climax with a herbal fusion of pleasure!

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OptimumVirility OptimumVirility
Optimumvirility Valentra OptimumVirility


Valentra is an organic, hypo-allergenic, all-natural topical cream that helps the body increase production of the natural lubrication process ultimately increasing sexual arousal.

Valentra is a natural aphrodisiac that restores sexual vitality and optimizes the body's natural response to sex.  Through increased sensation the female reproductive system is stimulated  to work more efficiently. 

*Bonus - male partners report an increase in their erection through increased sexual sensitivity and arousal!
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