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What Factors Affect Your Sexual Ability and Fertility
Struggling with infertility and sexual performance?  Know Why?

 Have You Ever Thought That Your Job Might Be To Blame?

The Average Male Worker Is Exposed To Over # of Chemicals And Pollutants A Blank

Learn Some Simple Strategies On How To Reduce, And Limit It's Effect On Your Fertility

Workplace exposure to armful pollutants and chemicals is often over looked as the culprit in causing men to experience a weakened sexual system and reproductive system.  But when you start to look at the factors such as length of exposure, it only makes sense that the quality an health of your sperm is being adversely affected.

Fertility Hazards In The Workplace

When it comes to performing sexually the biggest factors are drugs and alcohol, both of which can cause difficulty in achieving, and maintaining an erection.  There are other numerous factors which contribute to the early demise of the male sexual reproductive system, many of which can be found in the workplace.

The number of sperm and fertility can be affected by numerous chemicals and environmental factors, some of which can lead to permanent sterility.  These same factors may affect the shape of the sperm and it's ability to navigate to the female egg, greatly reducing the sperms ability to fertilize the egg. 

The transfer of sperm may be compromised or may even carry traces of the chemical substance to the female egg which could be quite harmful to the fetus.  Chromosomal changes can cause birth defects and other complications in the unborn child and may be a result of exposure to specific elements commonly found in many cancer fighting drugs and by exposure to radiation and certain chemicals.

Below is a chart that observes the affect of exposure to specific elements and their affect on sperm and on the sexual health of a male.

What Was Observed

Substance Lowered Sperm Count Sperm Abnormalities Disruption of Sperm Transfer Affected Hormones & Sexual Performance
Pesticide Dibromochloropropane      
Insecticide Carbaryl      
Toluenediamine and Dinitrotoleune1      
Ethylne Dibromide2  
Styrene & Acetone      
Ethenol Glycol Monoehtyl Ether3      
Mercury Vapor      
Military Radar      
Carbon Disulfide5      
2, 4 Dicholorphenoxy-acetic acid6    

*The chart information was found on the following website: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/malrepro.html


1.Used to make polyurethane foams, found in explosives, ammunition, dyes, and air bags

2.Used in the making of dyes, resins, waxes, and gums

3.Solvents, varnishes enamels, nail polishes, and wood stains

4.Solvent used in dry cleaning, also found in some adhesives, aerosols, paints, and coatings

5.Commonly found in manufacturing plants, also used as a solvent, and found in some pesticides

6.Used in farming and gardening as a herbicide

Strategies You Can Implement

It's understandable that you may not want to, or even be able to quit your job but there are a few simple strategies that you can do to reduce the inhibiting factors on your fertility and sexual health.

Things You Can Do In Preparing To Go Home And At Home:

  • Have a shower and change into clean clothes as soon as possible, even better if you can do so before you get home.

  • Keep your change of clothes and personal accessories in a separate area to minimize their exposure to the same pollutants and chemicals.

  • If you can try to keep your work clothes and gear away from your home to prevent contamination at home.

  • If you must bring your work clothes home try keeping them in a bag and make sure to wash them separately from all the other laundry.  We suggest doing a quick rinse cycle after your clothes have gone through and before you start the rest of your laundry.

Things That should Be Done In The Workplace:

  • Keep the chemicals in a separate room and sealed at all times.

  • Make sure to wear the appropriate protective clothing and gear and try to avoid contact with your skin.

  • If you do come in contact with any chemical be sure to wash it off immediately or as soon as possible in accordance with your workplace safety guidelines.

  • Educate yourself and your colleagues about the chemicals you are using and the potential hazards of using such products.  Understand how to use the safety gear effectively and make a commitment to use it at all times.

Harness Your Full Fertility Potential

Being exposed to harmful variables is just one part that can inhibit your fertility there are many other factors that contribute to a low production of semen and poor sperm quality.  If you and your loved one are struggling with fertility issues, quitting your job may not be the right option, in fact it could cause more problems!

But there is something simpler that you can do which will have a positive impact on your fertility and without the cost associated with expensive fertility procedures.  By adding a supplement like Semenax or Volumepills+ to your daily regime, your body will be optimized and you will become more potent in your fertility.  Both of these products will deliver all the nutrients your body needs to sexually function at it's best.

Semenax and Volumepills+ work to increase testosterone levels which help aid in the production of semen which is chock full of healthier sperm that are more motile and livelier than ever before! The nutrients will help provide a safe environment and feeding material for your sperm cells as they make their way to the female egg.  When you add a fertility increasing supplement like Semenax you are putting the advantage back in your court.

The proof is in the testimonials from thousands of couples who have successfully had a baby after month's and even years of trying and being plagued with fertility problems.  Thousands of men testify to seeing an increase in the volume of their semen and also report added benefits like a boost in their sex drive and orgasms!

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