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What Is Seminal Analysis and What Problems Are Commonly Reported?

Over fifteen percent of couples struggle with fertility issues have trouble successfully conceiving.  

Within this group a third of the time the problem is associated with the male, a third of the time it is a problem associated with the female.  For the remaining percentage of the group, it is often a psychological problem, one that indicates no medical dysfunction or medical treatment. 

What is known is that the success of conceiving and fertilizing the female egg is a complicated process that depends entirely on the health and well-being of both the female and male reproductive systems.

What Is Semen?

Seminal fluid, otherwise known as semen, is an organic material that is produced by the body more specifically the sexual organs like the gonads and testes.  It contains spermatozoa which are the natural cells known as sperm.  Simply put the body produces semen which contains sperm.

The seminal fluid is acts a protective barrier for the sperm cells and helps nutrition for the sperm cells as they navigate their way through the female reproductive system.  The female reproductive system is acidic whereas the composition of semen is very basic and prefers an alkaline environment.

What Is The Role Of The Various Body Parts?

The Male Testes:

The testes are responsible for the production of sperm cells and other important bodily functions.  The testes do not just produce semen but are mostly the production area for the sperm cells until they are mature enough that they are then stored in the Ampulla until they leave the body through an ejaculation.


The Seminal Vesicles:

The majority of semen is comprised of a mostly milky white substance.  This substance is produced by the seminal vesicles and it plays a vital role in the health of your sperm.  This substance is what the sperm cells feed off of as they make their way to fertilize the female egg.  Without this substance the sperm cells would not have enough of the necessary nutrients to allow them to survive the journey, and the acidic environment of the female reproductive system.


The Prostate Gland:

The prostate gland also helps the success of the male sperm cell by producing an alkaline solution that acts as a protective barrier for the sperm cells against the acidity of the female environment.  The health of the prostate gland (an organ) which looks like a small donut shape is very important to the overall functioning of the male reproductive system.


The Cowper's Glands:

Before most guys ejaculate they tend to secrete a clear slippery liquid known as pre-cum.  This substance is produced by the Cowper's (bulbouretheral) glands and it is the body's own natural lubricant that is prompted with sexual activity.



What Does Semen Look Like?

Semen or ejaculate fluid is characterized as a thick liquid material that is sticky in nature.  It generally is white in appearance although some guys report a yellowish or grayish tinge.  The texture and appearance of semen varies with each individual although the composition of semen does have some common attributes.

Why Is Semen So Important?

Semen is extremely important as it is the medium that transports the sperm cells to the female egg.  Fertilization of the female egg can only happen if healthy sperm cells reach their destination safely and swiftly. 

If the semen being produced by the body is not healthy and is in poor condition then it severely affects the chances of the sperm cells and limits their ability to perform.

For most couples who struggle with conceiving they start examining their fertility rates, and often a seminal analysis is done on the man's semen. 

The analysis begins by measuring the volume of seminal fluid produced in one ejaculatory release, the concentration of spermatozoa within the semen and the health of the sperm cells.

What the doctors and lab technicians are looking for are signs of unhealthy sperm cells and abnormal characteristics. 

The most common cited problems revealed through a seminal analysis include:

  • poor sperm motility (Azoospermia),
  • a high number of sperm cells that are underdeveloped, dead or abnormally shaped (Morphology)

The lack of spermatozoa within the seminal fluid could indicate that there is a problem with the production of sperm cells, or a blockage of the ducts and/or with testicular function.

How To Improve the Health and Quality of Your Sperm Cells

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