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Healthy semen is all about the quality of semen that your body is producing.  Semen should have a nice white, liquid composition (not chunky) and be void of discoloration.  A healthy ejaculation of semen should be about the size of a tablespoon.

Semen- Is It A Renewable Resource?

Semen is a resource that your body produces but it's quality is dependent on the health of your body, and the nutrients that your body is receiving.  Semen is mostly comprised of minerals, vitamins, proteins, sugar, water, and a few other select micro-nutrients.  If your body is not getting enough of these essential nutrients, then the quality of your semen begins to suffer and you will notice changes in the composition of your seminal fluid. 

Factors That Impact Semen Production

One of the most common factors that is cited as having a detrimental impact on the health and quality of men's semen production is the lack of drinking enough water, and the dehydration effect it has on the body.  The second biggest factor is the lack of zinc and vitamins like vitamins C, E, and B-12 from the body.  Having a deficiency in these essential components does not allow your body to properly or efficiently maintain it's sexual functioning, and does not make for optimum performance and production of both semen and sperm.

Semenax Is Packed With The Following Nutrients:

Zinc, Vitamins C, E, and B12, L-arginine, L-cartinine, Folate, L-Lysine, and much more! 

Semenax is 100% All-Natural

Semen Volume and Fertility Issues-Are They Related?

The greater the volume of semen that your body produces, the more it encourages a healthy production of sperm which is vital to any couple who is struggling with fertility issues.  If you are looking to successfully impregnate your spouse, then you really need to be concerned with the health and quality of your sperm.  By working to increase the quality of your sperm, you can also drastically increase your semen volume which is a huge bonus to being able to successfully conceive.  The bigger the load of semen, and the healthier the sperm within that load, the better are your chances of starting an family.

Looking For An Increase In Semen Volume

If you are looking to increase your semen volume and wish to improve the health of your sperm, then you need to monitor your eating habits closely.  The alternative is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating habits but to include a supplement like Semenax which will ensure that your body is getting the right nutrients and minerals crucial to maintaining a healthy production of both semen and sperm.

Specifically Designed to Optimize the Male Reproductive System

Encourages the Production of Semen volume, Sperm Production and Boosts Testosterone Levels.

Supplementation Takes It To Another Level

Using a supplement like Semenax guys will notice a visible difference in the quantity of their semen volume.  The specialized formula will aid your body in it's sperm production and will help to improve the motility (swimming capability) and number of healthy sperm cells per ml of semen.

You will also notice an increase in your sex drive as the Semenax formula works to increase your testosterone levels which in turn help to encourage, and promote both sperm production and semen volume. 

**Added benefits like increased erection hardness, longer-lasting erections, and more intensified orgasms are reported as your penis works more efficiently thanks to the increased blood flow, and the increase in your body's testosterone levels.

Increase Semen Volume Now With Semenax


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