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Semen Volume versus Sperm Count
Do you know the difference between semen volume and sperm count?

Learn how to drastically increase the volume of your semen through supplementation and a few simple and effective tips.

Find out how to raise your sperm count and increase your fertility rates naturally and effectively!

The two terms semen and sperm are often used interchangeably but they are significantly different.  Do you know the difference?

How To Measure Semen Volume

Semen volume is the measurable quantity of semen produced by the body.  Semen volume is the visible ejaculatory load that follows an orgasm.  Seminal fluid contains sperm or spermatozoa which are single cells that are solely responsible for reproduction.  Healthy sperm cells are crucial to the successful impregnation of a woman. 

To learn more about the science behind sperm cells and semen production check out our page Semen Composition.

Definition of Sperm Count

The sperm count is the term used to refer to the number of sperm measured in millilitres (ml).  The average number of sperm cells that a healthy individual  should be producing is approximately 20 million per ml. 

The average volume of semen that an individual male produces ranges between 2-15 ml.  The greater a man's semen volume, the greater is the potential for a more potent load, especially if the volume of semen is chock full of healthy sperm cells. 

There is a direct correlation between a mans fertility rate and his ability to successfully impregnate a woman.

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Diet Matters...

In a nutshell seminal fluid is made up of proteins, minerals and vitamins, mostly water and sugar.  Maintaining a healthy body is necessary for the body to be able to function at it's best and to be able to produce a healthy volume of semen.  For many men, their low volume of semen can be traced back to unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits. 

Curious about what factors may be lowering your semen production?

Then visit our page Inhibiting Factors.

As is the case with many causes of infertility, there is often a simple and effective remedy that can help to correct the imbalance.

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If you want to see results and are looking for an increase in either semen volume or an increase in your sperm count then you should consider adding a supplement like Semenax or Volume Pills.

Both are specifically designed to increase semen volume, and help enable your body to produce healthier sperm cells, increasing your overall fertility with visible results in weeks!

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