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The Impact Of Cancers on Male Sexual Health
Is Sex Safe After Cancer & Cancer Treatment?
   How Will Different Cancer Treatments Affect Your Sex Drive and Sex Life?

What Side-effects Will Cancer Medication Cause and Will They Be Long-term, or Short-term?

 Learn How You Can Regain A Healthy Functioning Sexual Health System.

Male Sexual Health After Pelvic Cancers-What You Need To Know

The rate of male sexual dysfunction drastically increases for men who have undergone cancer treatment for a range of cancers that affect the pelvis area.

The cancers that are most common among middle-aged men include: Prostate cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer and rectal cancer.  When older men go through cancer treatment the body takes a beating and recovery can take awhile.  This includes the recovery time that may be needed to resume an active sex life.

The cancer treatment affects male sexual health and the sex life of men in many ways.  For some it's simply that the body is still in a recovery period and experiencing some sie effects from either the medication they are taking or lasting side-effects from the treatment itself.  For others, the decrease in sex drive and sexual performance may just be a natural progression brought on by the stress on the body.

Common Side-Effects Caused By Cancer & Cancer Treatments

If you've just overcome cancer and cancer treatment you may have been forewarned by your doctor about potential side-effects on your sexual health.  These side-effects include:

  • Decreased Sex Drive and Energy

  • Inability to Achieve or Sustain an Erection (Erectile Dysfunction, or ED)

  • Inability to Climax or Successfully Complete an Orgasm

  • You may Experience Performance Anxiety or Emotional Distress in Regards to Sex

More than 50% of men who have undergone some form of cancer treatment report difficulty in attaining an erection.

How Cancer Therapy Affects You


For most surgeries that involve the male pelvic area, there is a risk of damaging one of the many nerves.  When a nerve becomes damaged the result is some form of erectile dysfunction.  The permancy of the erectile dysfunction depends on the extent of the damage done to the nerve.  Another side effect that occurs when a nerve becomes damaged during surgery is the onset of a dry orgasm which is when a man can't complete an orgasm with a release of semen.


After undergoing chemotherapy some men experience difficulty in getting an erection and a lack of desire for sexual activity.  This is in part due to the fact that some chemotherapy medication lowers testosterone levels in your body.  The side-effects caused by chemotherapy are often short-term and may last up to a month.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy may also cause some form of erectile dysfunction due to a decrease in testosterone levels, or a decrease in blood flow to the penis.  the onset of these side effects may not begin until months after the therapy has been completed.

The higher the level of radiation received as well as the length of radiation therapy treatment is the deciding factor to the degree of sexual side effects experienced.  For those men who smoke, or who have a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease, extra caution is warranted as these factors increase the risk of erectile dysfunction when undergoing radiation therapy.

Some men report experiencing pain when ejaculating after they have undergone radiation therapy.

Hormone Therapy

A common treatment of prostate cancer involves a form of hormone therapy used to decrease the production of testosterone and decrease the size of the prostate.  Hormone therapy causes the side effect of a decreased libido and sex drive and may also lower production of semen.

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