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Sexual Dysfunctions, and the inability to perform successfully.
Some common problems with sexual performance are easily remedied.

Sexual Desire Disorders

- lack of desire for sex or intimate relations



- difficulty reaching and/or maintaining an erection


Fertility Problems

- low fertility level, poor quality semen


Orgasm Disorders

- incomplete orgasms


Sexual Pain

- discomfort during sex

With today's positive attitude towards sex and having a healthy sex drive there are an increasing number of men who openly admit to having a sexual dysfunction.  Many of these men have been trying to cope and overcome their sexual dysfunctions in silence for many of years without the support and understanding that we see nowadays.

But there are still so many guys out there who are struggling with sexual inadequacies without fully realizing it.  For many men, they have the tendency to believe that their situation will improve and that it is only a temporary setback.  This is not a healthy way to approach a sexual dysfunction, and it is for this reason that that there is a growing need to educate these individuals, and give them the tools to be able to enjoy a healthy sex life free from sexual malfunctions.

Sexual Dysfunction Definition

So what exactly is sexual dysfunction?  If at any point in time the individual experiences difficulty in arousal, during or after sex, then it can be considered sexual dysfunction.  Many conditions that men often report include a low libido, the inability to maintain an erection, curvature of the penis (known as Peyronie's disease), premature or weak ejaculations, the inability to climax or enjoy a successful orgasm.  Other sexual ailments that are common include fertility problems such as a low sperm count, unhealthy sperm (including low motility), and low semen volume.

Mind Over Matter? Or Is It Something Physical?

Sexual difficulties can be physical or psychological and may develop in the early stages of one's sexual activity or may present itself in the later stages of life.  These sexual problems may be encouraged by injuries or illnesses that have recently occurred, or of which have occurred in the past. 

These sexual issues may also be caused by natural changes that occur in your body which involve the regulation, and production of specific hormones.  Certain medications like antidepressants may also promote the onset of sexual difficulties.

4 Types of Sexual Disorders

"What Sexual Dysfunction Do You Suffer From?"

There are four generally recognized sexual disorders that encompass all forms of sexual difficulties experienced by men everywhere.

Listed below are the different types of disorders and their potential causes.  Keep reading to learn how you might resolve your sexual problem.

Soon you and your loved one will be on your way to enjoying a more satisfying and healthier sex life for years to come!

1. Sexual Desire Disorders

Sexual desire disorders encompass a decrease in libido which often occurs overtime as individuals age, become fatigued or stressed in their daily lives.  A decrease in testosterone is often the most cited culprit of a decreased desire for sex.

Solution:  Boost your sex drive and libido naturally with a libido supplement like Prosolution Pills or VP-RX Virility Pills.

2. Sexual Arousal Disorders

Sexual arousal disorders are more commonly known as impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) and affect thousands of men world wide.  Impotency problems are very embarrassing for many men and contribute a lack of confidence and enthusiasm for further sexual activity.  Most cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) are physical and are associated with a decrease in blood flow to the penis.

Solution:  Increase blood flow to the penis and put an end to impotency with Vig-RX Plus or the PROenhance Patch.

3. Orgasm Disorders

Orgasm disorders are the delay or entire elimination of an orgasm after considerable excitement and sexual activity.  It also includes weak orgasms that are short in duration and in ejaculation power.

Solution:  Increase blood flow to the penis and put an end to impotency with Semenax or VolumePills+.

4. Sexual Pain Disorders

Sexual pain disorders are generally attributed to women but it is an issue that affects a man's ability to perform, and the couples ability to enjoy sexual intercourse.  The pain that women experience during sex is due to a lack of lubrication or vaginal dryness but can easily be remedied by using a lubrication product like Vigorelle.


Solution:  Make Vigorelle a part of your intimate sessions and enjoy increased sensitivity and enhanced lubrication as a result!


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