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  Lovemaking Tips

Putting Passion Back in Your Relationship

Techniques that Work for Men & Women

Breaking Your Comfort Zone-Should You?

A successful relationship requires love, patience, understanding, and the willingness to work at it.  But there are few simple things you can do to take your relationship to the next level.  If you both want a healthy relationship, and a satisfying sex life, the most important thing that the two of you can do is to communicate openly, and positively.

Love-Making Tips

Tip #1:  Always be supportive and understanding.  This is especially important if your partner is struggling with a sexual dysfunction or a decreased libido.  This will be a tough time for both partners and a period that you both will need to work through as a team.

Tip #2:  A compliment or nice gesture definitely goes a long way!  Just telling your loved one that they look nice, or that they are the most important part of your life will boost the spirit and confidence of your partner.  A simple message on a piece of paper, or on the mirror of the bathroom that appears with the steam of the shower is a simple and effective way to put a smile on the other person's face.

Tip #3:  Setting the mood will help even if it's as simple as putting on some music and dimming the lights, it just shows that you are thinking about the other person and making a deeper connection.  Flowers in a vase makes a nice center piece, lighting some candles casts a nice light, or enhance the room with something that smells nice be it a heart aroma from a special meal you cooked, or a scented candle or package.

Tip #4:  Take time to pleasure each other-it's not just about sex.  Some of the best moments are the tender times when you take a moment to caress or massage your partner.  It can relax them, free their mind from the stresses of everyday life and heighten the mood.  Even a short back scratch feels great!

Tip #5:  Spice things up.  Try something new but don't get carried away or rush it.  Take small steps at a time and build up to more courageous attempts.  Even using a piece of material to lightly feather the body of the other person, or a new position, a new location, or incorporating some mouth-watering foods like chocolate dipped strawberries.  Even the harmless act of drawing on each other with washable pens can help to loosen things up!

Tip #6:  Make time for each other and for romantic moments as a couple.  This can even be just scheduling a date to get way from the house.  Don't slip into a routine because that's when things can start to go sour.  You might get intimate on a regular basis but if it's the same moves and same time, then there is no nothing gained, nothing new being learned and explored.

Techniques That Work For Both Partners

For most women an orgasm is only achievable through external stimulation.  A women can be very sensitive to the touch in her genital area, so don't start out too aggressively as it may backfire and ruin the mood.  It is harder for a women to be stimulated and excited than it is for a man. 

Using a lubrication will help to stimulate her genital area, and will help with vaginal dryness making it easier on both of you.  Some lubrications have a hot & cold sensation that is very pleasurable. 

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Once you have teased her externally and you can tell that she is excited then you can start by working her on the inside but don't forget her clitoris, that's the important part.

When it comes to pleasuring the guy the focus should be on the different parts of the penis.  Caress the testicles and don't forget the soft underneath between the testicles and the anus (this is a very sensitive erogenous zone), and change the strength and speed and grip of the strokes you use on the shaft of the penis.  Don't just focus on the genital area, remember that a guy has other sensitive areas and that he too will appreciate tender touches over his body.

Ready To Try Something New?

Knowing when to try something new can be difficult, even intimidating but don't let it hold you back, just take your time and ease into it slowly with steps that you and your partner are comfortable with.  The key is not to force, or criticize the other person into participating because this inevitably never works and only creates more problems.

First thing you should do is sit down as a couple and in a very encouraging and supportive way discuss things that interest you sexually.  Start with what you like and give your loved one a compliment about what they do well to pleasure you.

Next talk about some things that interest you and that you would like to try, emphasizing that this is something that you want to approach slowly, this will comfort the other person and take off some of the pressure.  Remember that this can be very overwhelming for some individuals and they may need time to absorb this information.

When you are ready to try something new, start off with something that excites you both, this way the two of you can enjoy this new period of your sex life.  (For some serious fun, try Love Making Boot Camp - check it out below). And this way it has a better chance of being successful and opens the door to more possibilities.

Some Suggestions On How To Take It To The Next Level

  • Sexual Fantasies and Role Playing-can be exciting and as simple as just changing your clothing to adopt a new persona.

  • Different Positions-can enhance intimate moments and vary the feeling of sex.

  • Sex Toys-a great way to complement the sexual act.  There are many toys for him and her that are helpful for the novice or even the most seasoned lover.

  • Erotic Games-this is an easy way to try new things and often involves sensual touching and making a deeper connection with your lover.  There are many books and games that are available which make it easier for couples to try new things and take the guessing out of the whole process.

  • Bondage Games-these involve tying the other person up, and role playing (in most cases one person is the dominant character and the other is the submissive person).  The key to bondage games is not to get too carried away, to respect the wishes of the other person, to have a safe word that can be used to stop the act at any point.  If you are a novice couple it would help to set some guidelines and lay out what it is that you hope to achieve.

Every couple deserves a happy and successful relationship.  By employing a few of these techniques you will be on your way to a healthier and more pleasurable sex life!

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