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Male Infertility And Technology-Are They Connected?
Help! My Cell Phone & My Laptop Are Lowering My Sperm Count!
   The Hazards of Working From Home and Owning A Laptop

The Latest Trend of Owning A Cell Phone Has It's Advantages...

...but What are The Risks When It Comes To Male Infertility And A Low Sperm Count?

Is Your Cell Phone To Blame For A Low sperm Count?

A recent survey of over 350 male participants found a correlation between the level of sperm counts and the amount of time spent using their cell phone.  For example, the number of men who spent four or more hours on their cell phone a day were reported to have the lowest sperm count level regardless of age.

What's even worse for you cell phone users out there is that there was an noticeable difference between the health and quality of the sperm cells.  The male individuals who spent more time on their cell phone showed an increase in abnormal sperm cells and sperm function including sperm motility.

Do Laptop Computers Lower Sperm Count?

It's been well documented and even used as an ancient form of birth control that heating up the male testicles and scrotum lowers the sperm count in men.  Back in the forties, men used to take hot baths for an extended amount of time to lower the production of sperm and used this as a way of natural birth control.

Jump forward to today and if you take the heat concept to the next level you might understand why so many men are struggling with a low sperm count.  Today's young male students and working men are hard pressed without their laptop.  In fact if you take a look around you, you'll probably see a few guys and girls using their laptops. 

Now when you use your laptop, do you put it on the desk, or on your lap?  If you said on your lap, then you are one of the individuals who are at risk of having a lowered sperm count and future problems of infertility.

It's The Heat That Kills

The heat that is generated from the laptop warms your genital area and causes a natural decrease in your sperm count.  But over time the negative effects take hold and the problem worsens.  It's the same concept as wearing boxers versus briefs.  The heat that is generated in the testicles has a direct relationship to the production of sperm.

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