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Best Opportune Moments for Having Sex
When Should You Try to Engage the other Sex?

Top 8 Times When You Have a Better Chance of Having Sex

1. Anniversary

This day was a great day for you - you made your move on a girl and didn't get blown off.  And now it's your anniversary and you are still together.  Play your cards right and you are virtually guaranteed to be getting some!

2. Birthdays (most definitely on yours and probably on hers)

As a guy you really only have one birthday wish - to have sex.  Oh, and something electronic to play with!


Now when it comes to you partners birthday it's a little harder.  The first thing is to remember their birthday! Get past that hurdle and you've scored a point.  To take it to the next level try bringing home some flowers, making dinner or even taking her out for a romantic evening.  Do any of these and give her a compliment and you'll be rewarded with some together time in bed.

3. Sundays

Bummer! Tomorrow is the beginning of another work week.  We don't want the weekend to end so what can we do?  Lets have sex.  Both parties are often very open to this idea.

Many people believe Sunday is "spend time together day," especially the women.  If at the end of they day she hasn't killed you then there is a very good chance of the two of you having sex.

4. When you get a Raise, Promotion or Complete a Project
You're feeling pretty good and want some recognition.  You've done a good job and deserve to be rewarded.  Right?!  The answer is yes however approach with tact.  If you let it go to your head and  come across as demanding it can backfire.  What you want to do is let your partner reach the conclusion that you've done something really good and that she should be proud of your efforts and  reward you for a job well done with a little loving attention.

4. When You are on Vacation
Dude, you are relaxed, drinking, enjoying yourself, heck you are on vacation - could it get any better? Yes, just add sex!  Duh!

5. After watching Porn

You're a human being with a natural curiosity and affinity for sex and nakedness.  You do not need to watch porn to get revved up and ready for your spouse, it's just something that both men and women can't help but watch.  As a result both men and women find themselves getting a little excited and feeling in the moment.

6. When your Favorite Sports Team Wins
Okay admit it, your team has just won the game and you've won the bet with your buddy.  You are feeling pretty good.  To show your appreciation at being allowed to watch the game you will in turn do something nice for your partner and they will reward you if you initiate a little post game action.

7. Now
Seriously, men want it at every moment.  We are sexually primed and ready to go.  No further explanation needed.

8. In the morning
It's called "morning wood," it's very easy to spot, most men sport one; belongs partly to the "gotta pee" notion.  Got to admit it's a nice way to start the day!  Most women can be encouraged to engage in a little sexual activity - just be sure to let them pee first!


Do You Know What Times

 Women Are Most Likely To Engage in Sex?

1. Anniversary

Anniversaries are the most celebrated event.  Whether it's your wedding anniversary or your first date anniversary most women consider this day to be an momentous occasion and look to their loved ones to mark this day and shower them with lots of love.

2. Birthdays (includes yours, your partner's and even your kids)

Birthdays are a joyous occasion that you either look forward to or hate with a vengeance (you are another year older).  What better way to end the birthday celebrations than with sex, or what better way to feel better about getting older than having sex (at least you are not sexually dead yet!).


For parents of a birthday child, when the day is over both partners can relax and celebrate the moment when you conceived a child - just be sure to wear a condom this time!

3. Sundays

Sundays are one of the most sexually active days out of the week.  For most individuals it belongs to the theory of: tomorrow is work, lets enjoy the rest of this day and have sex.

There is also a second belief that researchers claim why many couples partake in sexual activity.  They believe Sunday is "spend quality time together day" which makes for better chances of getting some!  Women are big believers of this theory.

4. Right Before-and-Immediately After Her Period

For women who are close to getting their monthly period their hormones are fluctuating and evolution has it set that they need to find a man to procreate with.  Women find themselves with a stronger, animal-like urge to have sex.  The hormones in their system are in overload mode and their sexual appetite is on full blast.  This is a great opportunity to partake in some extra-curricular activity before you are flying solo! 


After her period both partners will crave sex at a higher than usual level from not engaging in it for so long.  For the you it's finally play time and you no longer have to fly solo!  For the women, she is still riding waves of heightened sexual interest on which she can now act on.

5. On Vacation

Women are so happy to be on vacation and away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life that they instantly want to get friskier.  Frolicking on the beach, tender moments enjoying each others company, increased closeness and satisfaction all add up to a greater chance of you doing it while on vacation.

6. When She Wears something Sexy and Feminine and You Clean up nicely too!
Women report that when they wear a skirt, a dress, a nice pair of shoes or something silky that makes them feel sexy and feminine, that they are more inclined to be "feeling it".  Suggest she wear something dressy next time you go out, tell her how you really like her in her [insert specific clothing] because it's a good color, brings out her eyes or hugs the curves of her figure nicely.


Don't forget about yourself either! Women notice when a guy shaves, cleans the dirt and grease from his hands, puts on some nice clothes and tops it off with a hint of cologne or after shave.

7. When your Team Wins a Game
When your favorite sports team wins a game and you are in a good mood, your partner is ready to spend some time with you.  She's been patiently  waiting for your time and attention and if you help out with dinner or by doing a few things around the house she is sure to be most appreciative.  This is your best chance to engage in a little sexual contact!


Besides if you don't initiate she knows that right after the end of a game is the best time to ask you for a favor.

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